The Paris Project. 2005 - 2006. The Paris Project is a performance which the artist did in Bucharest carrying the signage Paris throughout the old part of the city. Once known as Little Paris, Bucharest was partly destroyed by the misguided architectural ambitions of Ceausescu. Eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings were torn down in favour of unattractive and supposedly functional housing. As it stands now, if you ask a passer-by to direct you to the historic centre of the city, they do not know what you're talking about. By evoking a missing reality, Moldovan creates a situation for people to engage in and to explore notions of history, nostalgia and transience. If Little Paris is no longer in place, it could be at least a reviving state of mind.
Doors. A short video from 2006. Cameras were large and video was still a new medium to work with. I wanted to show this succesion of views inaccessible from our perspective and see what it can show and do to a viewer. This was somewhat before actioncams so it was a challenge to mount the miniDV camcorder in a stable fashion on the various doors.
WeBuilt This City. 2006
Breathe. 2007
Bulldozer. 2008
Indian Summer. 2008
R.A.M. (random.altered.memory) 2019
Climbo 2021