POST WORLD UNDERCOVER GUERRILLA FAKE ROCK MANUFACTURING FACILITY @ Art Encounters Biennial - May 19 to July 16. “Is it the end or the beginning of the world? Does it even matter? In his makeshift undercover fake-rock manufacturing plant installation, Sebastian Moldovan does away with evidence of historical linearities and instead subtracts from our reality just enough recognizable details of an alternative society rebuilding the now, one hollow rock at a time. The installation is made in collaboration with artists Lucia Ghegu and Albert Kaan, adding works that inhabit the space, building a collective approach beyond the authorial. We are now in the post-sublime nature, in its perfect simulacrum, reality anew.” (text by Cristina Stoenescu and Edith Lázár for the biennial catalogue) Photos by Adrian Câtu, courtesy of Art Encounters Biennial
Reflection Centre for Suspended Histories. An Attempt. New Gallery of I.R.C.C.U. in the frame of the 55th Edition of the Venice Biennial. 2013
In the Silent Moment that Followed the Crash – South by South-East, Times Museum Guangzhou, China. 2016. Interactive installation. Floor fans, motion sensors, red plastic bag​
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